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Question Title How to have better runtime performance?

Run time performance are influenced by the memory. Operations made in memory without swapping to disk are better performing. Java tries to gain memory by periodically performing a cleaning procedure called Garbage Collector; during this procedure performance are slowed down.
The more memory you provide to Java and isCOBOL, the more operations will be made in memory and Java will not invoke the Garbage Collector if enough memory is available.

The JVM memory is controlled by three option:

-Xms       Set initial Java heap size (in bytes)
-Xmx       Set maximum Java heap size (in bytes)

Where available, you should think about using the following Java options:

This option is usually available only with the JDK (the JRE doesn’t provide it). It causes Java to work in server mode instead of the default client mode. The server mode causes background operations (such as file i/o) to be better performing.
For example, in order to specify a memory limit of 512 MB and the -server option, you use:
           iscrun -J-Xmx512m -J-server PROGRAM

or if you run using java.exe:
           java -Xmx512m -server PROGRAM
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