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Veryant Webinar: Affordable, Modern COBOL Alternative to ACUCOBOL
New vCOBOL reduces long-term software costs; leads market as high performance mainframe migration and legacy modernization option

September 19, 2011 - Veryant, the COBOL and Java technology innovator, today announced a Webinar to show Micro Focus ACUCOBOL-GT users how to transition easily to isCOBOL Evolve, the most ACU-compatible COBOL available today.

"Over the past 20 years, programmers embraced ACUCOBOL's rich feature set and language extensions for COBOL application development on open systems such as Linux, UNIX and Windows," said Dovid Lubin, vice president, Veryant. "Because ACUCOBOL-GT users now face an increasingly uncertain future regarding product support and licensing fees, we want to show them how to move to isCOBOL, a stable and progressive solution for vital COBOL-based business assets."

Attendees can register for the 30-minute Webinar, "Migrating from ACUCOBOL-GT to isCOBOL," at http://www.veryant.com/acucobol-migration-webinar.php.

isCOBOL significantly lowers software licensing fees over other options, simplifies application modernization, and protects existing COBOL investments.

During the Webinar, attendees will learn how isCOBOL enables developers to continue programming in a familiar COBOL environment, and at the same time, take advantage of Java technology to enhance and deploy applications across multiple platforms without rewriting code.

Veryant offers ACU-friendly migration features to create a seamless transition plan and a stable path forward for ACUCOBOL-GT users. The company has an array of ACUCOBOL-GT replacement products, including alternatives for the ACUCOBOL Compiler, Vision, AcuConnect (thin client and distributed computing), AcuServer, Acu4GL, AcuSQL, AcuODBC, AcuXDBC, AcuXUI, Eclipse plug-in and AcuBench.

The isCOBOL Integrated Development Environment (IDE) offers rich and adaptable facilities for all development tasks including design, coding, testing, debugging, team development and more. The isCOBOL IDE offers the ability to import AcuBench and Totem project file formats and supports all of the ACUCOBOL-GT GUI syntax and features – making it highly suitable alternative for ACUCOBOL-developed applications.

isCOBOL picks up where ACUCOBOL left off by delivering next generation features such as a Web-enabled Java Thin Client without any user interface limitations. With Veryant, there are no charges for upgrading to a new release with a valid support contract. And, Veryant has implemented new isCOBOL capabilities in the same style as ACUCOBOL features, so they are easy for developers to learn and use.

Many organizations have already converted from ACUCOBOL-GT to isCOBOL to:
  • gain a COBOL development and Java deployment model without rewriting or retraining

  • improve ROI and dramatically lower COBOL licensing fees

  • deploy to multiple platforms using a single set of source code
Sue Myers
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isCOBOL technology provides the best of both worlds, by protecting long-standing COBOL application business logic and enabling cross-platform deployment as pure Java objects through standard Web interfaces.
Dov Keshet, CEO and Founder of Starsoft Professional Services, Ltd.

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